The Secret of How to Naturally Lower Cholesterol Levels

The secret is out. The key that the producers of cholesterol drugs were hoping you wouldn’t understand has become a well recognized fact. Food to reduce cholesterol is every bit as powerful as cholesterol drugs or decreasing high lipid levels.

If one first confronts the dilemma of elevated cholesterol levels, it may be confusing to understand what actually is the ideal method to tackle it. Your physician will most likely recommend cholesterol medicine. Some people that you read online will make it seem like medication will ruin your health for the remainder of your life. So what’s the reality.

The reality is that drugs is effective for many people but given the possible side effects of muscle, liver and kidney damage it makes a lot more sense to produce modifications in your daily diet to lower elevated cholesterol.

I recently read about a physician who was not able to tolerate the side effects that he experienced from statin medicine so he turned into a blend of food to reduce cholesterol and increased quantity of exercise. To his surprise, his cholesterol levels increased by over what many of his patients underwent on drugs.

The very best food for reduced cholesterol is what contains high levels of plant sterols and fiber. Beans are on peak of this list building a bowl of bread or lentil soup and powerful cholesterol-lowering meal.

A excellent cholesterol lowering breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal with a few walnuts blended in.

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