Is Oxygen Supplementation Just Hype?

Most People don’t consider oxygen a nutritional supplement, but that’s just what it is. Just because you do not eat it, does not mean it is not a nutritional supplement. 1 study suggests that up to 96 percent of your body’s nutritional requirement is for oxygen. Many individuals will also be amazed when they find that oxygen accounts for generating around 90 percent of the body’s energy.

Currently, That can be estimated to be down up to 50% because the period when man first walked on the earth. Perhaps you have noticed that if you journey to a huge city with bad air quality that your energy levels return dramatically? … Or if you head to high altitude places, you’ve got trouble doing something physical, get headaches, or even becoming dizzy? These are all indicators of oxygen deprivation.

Accessible On the market these days are several unique sorts of oxygen supplementation goods and procedures. There are drops that you add to water which allegedly help the water to transport more oxygen into the cells, you will find oxygenated waters, you will find hyperbaric oxygen chambers, so you will find oxygen concentrators, and now breathing oxygen even comes in mobile cans.

All Of these provide advantages, however it appears that canned oxygen delivers the most suitable, effective supply of oxygen supplementation available now for these reasons: 1). It’s quite reasonable and doesn’t want a presciption or physicians supervision. 2. 3. As it’s mobile, you can take it everywhere you wish to go and use it whenever you would like to. 4. The cans are available in many distinct sizes and arrive in oxygen levels of around 99% oxygen.

Because oxygen is So important to our own bodies, the advantages are extremely varied.

– Sports and Fitness Training – Assist with hepatitis – Hangovers – Emotional Clarity and Emergencies

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